About Us

At Wallin & Russell LLP, We Are …


We are good at what we do. We have spent most of our careers at one of the largest and most successful law firms in California, and, for a collective 20+ years, we have resolved our clients’ high stakes legal matters. We have been tested, and we consistently pass the test.


We charge substantially less than other attorneys with similar skill and experience. Our clients hire us to resolve their legal issues, not write legal treatises. When our clients come to us, we start by asking: “What are you trying to accomplish?” We then determine if we can help at a cost that makes sense for the client. The cost of our services always matters, and we understand that.


We enjoy helping our clients solve their problems and grow their businesses. When faced with difficult challenges or big opportunities, our clients rely on us. We are honored by that trust and take our responsibility very seriously.


We are good, honest people. In both our work and personal lives, we treat people with compassion and respect. Legal matters involve all types of uncertainty, but whether you can trust your attorney should never be one of them. We cannot guaranty our clients any particular result, but we can guaranty that our clients will always be listened to and cared about.